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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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storm in atlantthe atlantic. earl shifted west overnight making a direct impact possible for eastern new england. we've got complete coverage of hurricane earl from the carolina coast to new england, but nbc meteorologist bill karins is here in studio with me and stephanie abrams is live in kill devil hills in north carolina. we are starting with stephanie where you see folks behind you. how are they receiving the news regarding earl's path, stephanie? >> they are a little bit on edge here. the surf kicked up a little more yesterday. breaking weather news to tell you about, we are under hurricane warnings. this is just out from the national hurricane center with the 11:00 advisory. hurricane warnings issued northeastwards towards the north carolina, virginia border including sounds and always evacuation ordered here for
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ocracoke and visitors on hatteras island and people here are keeping close eye on the path of the storm. >> i think everybody's concerned. you know, the storm is coming and it's big enough. if it gets a little farther west, hey, we could have some problems. >> it's just another storm. he said 20 years ago it was like that. so maybe we'll get lucky. >> but, tamron, the thing is you don't even need this to make landfall. hurricane force winds stretch out 90 miles from the center and tropical storm extend 200 miles from the center. we could still feel significant impacts. >> we just got a picture of president obama in a briefing with fema administrator craig fugate and they were talking about preparations being made in advance of hurricane earl. so, obviously, this storm is being discussed at the highest level at the white house as a precaution. >> and i actually spoke with
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craig fugate this morning on "wake up with al" this morning and i was very impress woued wi me. he said all the supplies were on standby. thankfully we learned something from the 2005 hurricane season. >> stephanie abrams, thank you. bill karins, as i mentioned, tracking hurricane earl's path. what caught your eye as you continue to watch this thing. >> as stephanie was hinting at. new update from the hurricane center. path forecast changed every six hours. set your watch by it. once again, 5:00 this afternoon we'll get a new update. we got the new one and not a lot of changes. the path of earl getting set in stone. there's the big jinx, of course. that's what i just learned from their new path information. here's a look at the storm. the waves are incredible. we're already seeing near the storm, 20 to 30-foot waves and earlier today 49-foot wave as the center passed over one of those buoes.
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those are the waves heading towards the coast. when earl is said and done the damage from the waves and beach erosion will probably be its legacy. at this point, it does not look like a big wind event. it does show the storm as expected late thursday night and making that turn over or just off the outer banks. the worst of the weather for cape cod is going to be as we go through friday night. look at the distance the storm travels from friday morning to saturday morning. the storm is flying at that point and moving very quickly. so, when the weather is bad and you're on the coast of cape cod or rhode island it will only be bad for a couple hours and the storm will quickly be exiting. a closer up view of the latest storm track and you can see the top of your screen and make an initial landfall saturday morning about 8:00 a.m. that's why the weekend, labor day is just fine. saturday, sunday, monday, everywhere on the east coast will be fine. friday is the bad time. friday morning still category 3 off virginia beach and then the storm parallels the coast. at this point still looks to be 70 miles per hour, 70 miles off
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of cape cod and, tamron, a lot of people in jersey, long island, connecticut, they are all wondering how close the storm will come to them. looks at like 200 miles. at this point glancing blow and very little for any area that are interior virginia, maryland, delaware, connecticut and long island. this is really cape cod and outer banks event, it appears. >> bill, thank you very much. coming up in our next half hour, live reports from new york and massachusetts as people there are preparing for earl. at this hour, president obama is meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house later this afternoon he'll sit down with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. those meetings will set the stage for direct negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians tomorrow at the state department. talks have been stalled for nearly two years and president obama's two-day sumset a critical effort to jump start the process. on the eve of those talks, hamas has claimed responsibility for deadly shooting in the west bank.
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four israelis, including a pregnant woman, were killed. mike viqueira is at the white house. so, mike, when cow cmbine that awful news regarding those murders and expectations here. how is the white house balancing this? how is the state department balancing this now? >> no one needs to be reminded, tamron, of all the obstacles in the way of a two-state solution and that is the stated end goal here of these direct talks. the first as you mentioned in almost two years. first of all, that incidence of terrorism on the west bank staged by hamas overnight. there is another deadline coming up on the very controversial moratorium on west bank settlements by israel coming up on september 26th. they had a moratorium for a year. everybody wondering what israel is going to do if they drop the moratorium, that is going to cause controversy and perhaps be another obstacle in the way of these talks. you're right, the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has just entered the white house grounds here. presumably has begun his meeting with the president.
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was due to start about 15 minutes ago. he is going to be followed by mahmoud abbas, the leader of the palestinian authority. later it's king abdullah of jordan and mubarak, the long-time president of egypt will have a meeting bilateral meeting later today with the president. we will see the president after that. and then after that, an extraordinary day here at the white house. we'll see the president with those leaders gathered for a statement. they then gather in the white house private dining room for a dinner, all of them together and then tomorrow meet for those direct talks across town here. well, probably about seven or eight blocks away at the state department. that will be hosted by hillary clinton. george mitchell is the administration envoy to the middle east. he says this is a window of opportunity for that two-state solution. most of the experts are giving it little choice. these talks, incidentally, tamron, have a one-year deadline. after a year if they don't come to solution or not making enough progress to extend the talks, it
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is all over. they are giving it a shot here today, tamron. >> thank you very much. the american military has officially started a new role today in iraq after seven years of deadly combat. this morning vice president biden was on hand along with defense secretary robert gates and a change of command ceremony in baghdad. army general lloyd austin will now lead the 50,000 remaining american troops who are part of operation new dawn. the ceremony today follow president obama's address to the oval office making the end of combat operations. >> through this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and iraq, it met our responsibilities. now, it's time to turn the page. >> nbc jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon and, jim, you have people wondering, turning the page even though the troops that are in iraq, 50,000 or so are there on diplomatic, still having a diplomatic role and you
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still worry about safety in that region. >> secretary defense gates had some interesting observations today. he refused to say the war is over. he said the combat operations are over, but acknowledge that american forces will still be involved in counterterrorism operations and assisting, advising, mentoring and even embedding with some iraqis with when they go out on military operations, although those are expected to be limited. but he had some interesting observations and he took a glass half full approach to the future there in iraq. when asked about the fact that the iraqis still don't have a viable government, nearly six months after the elections, gates said he was optimistic about the future of iraq. he said, look, they're talking now. at least they're not shooting at each other. he pointed out that iraq is a rich country. they've got plenty of resources and now he said it's up to the iraqis to assume that responsibility. to use those resources properly. to rebuild their country and
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establish some kind of democratic government there in iraq. you know, he also pointed out, however, that since the u.s. military will remain there for some time, he's still optimistic that all of the u.s. military could be out by the end of 2011 and pointed out that if that were to change, the iraqis would be the ones that would have to change it and gates himself doesn't think that would be politically viable for the iraqis to do that. and, finally, when asked if the war was worth it, gates, actually, thought about this for a minute before saying, look, the problem is no matter how much success the u.s. military may have had, how much success the u.s. government will have in the coming months in helping put together some kind of democratic institutions there in iraq, the war itself will always be clouded by the fact that the u.s. went to war on an invalid
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proposition that saddam hussein had the weapons of mass destruction. >> all right, nbc jim mic miklaszewski at the pentagon for us. thank you, mik. >> you bet. joe miller is now officially the winner of the state's republican primary. miller held on to a slim lead after thousands of absentee and. miller won a fifth gop senate primary and a crushing loss for murkowski who has served in the senate since 2002. >> we all know this has been a long week, a terribly long week. well, we have counted and speculated and it has really been difficult. we know that we still have outstanding votes to count in this primary. but based on where we are right now, i don't see a scenario where the primary will turn out in my favor.
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>> she called me tonight and she conceded the race. i wish her the best. i mean, she fought a hard race. we, obviously, need to work together to see that this general election comes out successfully. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is with us from washington. so, kelly, some people are tying this into the anti-incumbent sentiment. sarah palin has tweeted about this saying, do you believe in miracles? congratulations @joemiller. thank you for your service, senator murkowski. on to november. >> lisa murkowski is part of a dynasty in alaska. her faurlth served as senator and governor. in the statehood of alaska, a murkokski has been in the senate. people thought it was a slam dunk for the incumbent and low and behold an insurgent
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candidate endorsed by the tea party and sarah palin pulls out a win. joe miller went to west pointe he has a yale law degree and he practices law in fairbanks and fought a very vigorous campaign. he beat up lisa murkowski on the fact she's a moreover conservati conservative. he is much more fiscally conservative. people criticize murkowski for not running an aggressive campaign in a year when incumbents are widely viewed as favorable. she took the high road but left a lot of charges that were unanswered because when palin endorsed joe miller, so came money from the tea party express. the california-based group and they did some very hard-hitting ads and murkowski tried to take that high road and didn't really fight back. this is a stunner out of alaska
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politics and joe miller is likely to win in november, simply because of the balance of republicans and democrats in alaska. scott mcadams will be his challenger in november. but this is a big, big story, tamron. >> certainly is. we'll keep talking more about sarah palin backing this candidate and what it means for her level of power in these races. thank you very much. and we've got some new video in of those 33 miners trapped inside a chilaen mine. this is new video coming in to us. we'll have much more on the effort to rescue these men and they've had their now first hot meal since the start 27 days ago. plus, august is usually a good month for auto sales, but analysts are predicting the opposite. gm just released its new numbers. we have them for you. and michael douglas opens up about his battle with throat cancer. surprising late-night audiences last night giving new details
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we are closely watching the path of hurricane earls the track moves closer to the east coast. you can call it calm before the storm right now. just take a look on the left. it's rightsville beach, north carolina. on the right that's cape may, new jersey. within the last 15 minutes warning has been issued and a hurricane watch has been extended to delaware as earl approaches and we have live reports coming up for you very shortly. new video in just only moments ago of the 33 miners still trapped underground in chile. those miners are getting new help today, as well. a team of nasa experts on its way to the mine site to consult
11:18 am
on the rescue effort, as well as managing the mental and physical health of the miners. the team includes a doctor, nutritionist and engineer. the nasa doctor has advised against giving those miners false hope. >> they do this for a living and they know exactly how long the drilling will take. they know how deep they are in the mine. so it's not like this is going to be a big surprise to them. >> telemundo's angie sandoval joins us from chile. tell us more about this new video and what it shows. >> before the video, tamron. outside the mine less than 30 minutes the team of experts will be arriving here. now, regarding the video, the video is just amazing. as you can see, as you can watch it, you see that 33 men living in darkness.
11:19 am
but also they say thank you very much to everybody who's helping them from the surface. it appears to be much better condition. they're all clean shaven, some have beards, but they're clean. also there is an ininterview, very interesting interview of the leader of the minors and they advise the miners to have a leader. there's an interview where he says how they're organizing showing everything down there. so, it's really amazing. tamron. >> i understand the mine company has asked the families for forgiveness after this ordeal or because of this ordeal. >> that's right. they send their apologies and they're sending support, but as
11:20 am
we understand, they are having some problem paying the miners. i spoke to the wife of one of the miners this morning regarding the salary. she says that her husband got paid until the end of the month and now in september there is a fund, a government and company fund that will cover for their salary. so, from that aspect, they are okay. >> all right, angie, thank you very much. not to mention that nasa team is on its way to help in this effort. thank you. starting today, unmanned predator drones will be patrolling along the entire u.s./mexico border. in fact, this is the first photo of one of those drones after it landed in corpus christi, texas, for the first time. the drones will be operated by u.s. customs and border protection agencies. they've already been flying over arizona and california and even parts of west texas. also, california governor arnold schwarzenegger says the first of 224 national guard troops have completed their training. they're expected to be deployed to the state's border with mexico later today.
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and they're creepy, they're crawley and they're in more cities these days than you can count. we are talking about the bed bugs and a lot of people believe this is like a big city problem. there is a new list out and it includes some small towns now. so, if you think you are safe, you might want to think again. we'd like to know what you think of any of the stories we're coveringed today. and new list of where the bed bugs are after the break. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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general motors announced its august sales dropped 7% compared with july. sales are also down 25% from last august. but last year the cash for clunkers rebates were at full swing. cnbc phil lebeau joins us live from chicago. so, phil, what impact does this have given the president has said that this is the great recovery story of gm that being.
11:25 am
>> well, you have to separate the two, tamron. when you're talking about auto sales and the industry continues to be in this lackluster, tight range where the sales pace is about 11.5, 1$1.6 million. when you talk with people in the industry, they all say the same thing. whether the lack of consumer confidence or job hiring, whatever it is, people are reluctant to go down and plunk down 20 grand, 30 grand and sign up for a car payment for the next three or four years. when you look at general motors in terms of the books of this company, in far better shape than it was last year. no longer in bankruptcy and now in the process of becoming a publicly traded company. you have to separate the two, tamron. these sale numbers, this reflects what we're seeing for the whole industry which is there's no incentive for people to go in and to buy a new car or truck. >> speaking of incentives, so, we're moving into the fall
11:26 am
season. will we see new incentives? i guess what is the next big push, probably the new models coming out or the holiday maybe hoping that people will buy a car for the holiday season. >> in both of those, those are traditional hallmarks which no longer really exist in the industry. new models are introduced throughout the year now. you used to have the fall rush of new models ask that has gone away. that is less of a factor compared to 20 or 30 years ago. i think what we're going to see, tamron, a steady increase of incentives for people to come into show room. the automakers have the discipline of not producing too many models so that there is a glut in the showroom that you know you can get a deal. you can get decent deals but not the best deals of all time. >> phil lebeau joining us from chicago, thanks, phil. >> you bet. hurricane earl barrels towards the east coast and new warnings to tell you about for north carolina. people there already starting to evacuate. new england, though could see the worst of it.
11:27 am
we'll go live to massachusetts in three minutes. and apple fans are eagerly awaiting the latest announcement from the company and, let's face it, even if you're not a fan of apple, you just want to know what they have up their sleeve. we'll find out very soon when steve jobs makes the big announcement. plus, housewife freak out. i have already gotten tweets that this is my guilty pleasure show. theresa from "real housewives" goes bananas and now she wants more money to stay on the show. we'll get the scoop. ♪ [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landing was better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? take one of the big ones out?
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welcome back. the watt bottom of the hour on msnbc. a hurricane warning is now issued for the east coast from north carolina up to north carolina/virginia border a hurricane watch now extends from
11:31 am
north carolina/virginia border north to cape henlopen, delaware. and a tropical storm warning is now issued in north carolina for cape fear to west and bogue inlet. the northeast is bracing for the storm. weather meteorologist mike seidel joins on the eastern end of long island. mike, a lot of ground to cover here, but, quite honestly, are you seeing people react to some of these evacuations? >> well, there have been some evacuations in north carolina. ocracoke and hatteras islands. they want to get those folks off because the only way to get off those islands is by ferry and the weather will go downhill pretty quickly tomorrow. this will be a fast-moving storm once it gets up towards the carolinas. north carolina to nova scotia in a day and a half. you get the sense of how fast it will move. with that in mind, we'll take the worst of it. we'll get a brushing blow, a
11:32 am
glance from this hurricane late friday into friday evening and then it moves out of here. the weekend here, saturday, sunday and labor day will be fine. it's breezy with temperatures in the 70s. category 3 hurricane, came down from a 4. still a strong category 3. maximum sustained winds moving northwest at 17 and put it up around cape hatteras tomorrow and tomorrow night and up here by friday afternoon and by saturday afternoon it's up in nova scotia. they could get the worst of it as they take a direct hit. we'll be following that for you. today and tomorrow here, tamron, no problem. sunny, beautiful and, by the way, in new york city and along i-95, you probably won't feel much of this. except for some clouds and some breezes. now, let's head up to cape cod. i believe paul goodloe our co-worker is up there in the cape and, paul, you stick out a little farther than we do in
11:33 am
montauk. your weather a little worse than what we're going to see here on friday. >> it will on friday, but right now wednesday, even thursday, not bad. take a look behind me. this is chatm harbor and it is pretty quiet. people in the water and no concerns right now with the surf, but it's low tide now. you can see this boat now is beached. but the tide will come in throughout the day and you can see, no problems at all on the surf, but this hasn't been the case. we had hurricane danielle last weekend and that caused huge surf up and down the east coast, including where you were there, mike, down in long island, but also out towards the carolina coast and here even in the coast of new england. huge rip current concern and a man lost his life here in massachusetts yesterday because he was washed out by the surf for a little while. he was rescued, but not able to be revived. in fact, two people were washed out. one survived, one did not. that is the big concern as hurricane earl approaches this area probably some time late friday into early saturday
11:34 am
night, into saturday morning that we will see another case of huge rip current concerns here as we could have huge waves crashing across this area. now is the time to prepare. if you are expecting a long, 24-hour high wind event, but, definitely, a high surf event and a huge rip current risk and, of course, we're going into labor day weekend. so, the weather right now warming back up to the upper 80s and it will be that way into most of thursday and then things start getting windy on friday and going downhill. cooler this weekend, but we should not have any clouds or rain as we head towards sunday and monday. tamron? >> paul, thank you very much. for complete coverage of hurricane earl and a watch of the storm's path, head to a new list shows it is not just the big cities that are suffering from the bed bug epidemic. some of the usuals are on the list, new york, philadelphia, but take a look at this. four ohio cities are in the top
11:35 am
15 with serious bed bug problems. columbus, dayton, ohio, also on the list and now there are concerns about these fly by night exterminators who popped up using dangerous toxins. joining me now is jeffrey white from bed bug central. jeffrey, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i was quite surprised to hear that you would have people willing to use toxins, things they know could be dangerous but some exterminators out there itoing to make fast money. >> the over-the-counter pesticides have instructions on the label and if you apply them in your house, you need to follow these directions. we have seen people go to extreme measures that they spray their home with diesel fuel, where diesel is running off the couches. >> how do they explain that? >> basically they're trying to get rid of these bugs and they don't have the money to pay someone to come in. >> i had someone tweet me and said what about the good old days when you take the mattress out back and burn it.
11:36 am
>> we have seen couches on fire in people's yards. you see some crazy things with this bug. >> what is the proper way to handle the bed bug situation if it's affecting your home, especially. >> contact a professional. if you have somebody come into your home and say they're going to get rid of your bed bug for $50 to $100. >> you point out some people don't have the money and they shouldn't have to suffer. is there something that is affordable that is safe for your family? >> a treatment may cost $800 to $1,000 or more depending on how bad the problem is. there are pesticides you can buy and devices you can buy, just make sure you follow the label directions. they are there for your safety. >> you mention the diesel fuel, are you seeing people use other kind of toxins in a desperate situation use something that could make the problem worse? >> absolutely. that's one thing we see haplipe all the time. you want to make sure you pay attention to what you're applying and try to contact somebody you can, at least for
11:37 am
help. >> will this get better in the winter? >> we definitely see a seasonal. it's an itchy topic. it definitely gets worse in august and september and summer months and we will hopefully see it get worse in the summer months. >> how busy are you right now? >> we are very busy. we're taking tons of calls every day. bed bug central is very busy, buzzing. >> you know what, good thing you're there and people be safe, use the right thing physical you're treating your home. you don't want to make situations go from bad to worse. for the first time, we're hearing from michael douglas since we learned that he is fighting throat cancer. last night when he was talking with david letterman. mr. douglas talked frankly about the situation. let's get the scoop from kim serafin. a lot of people were surprised that michael douglas would be so candid and this is stage 4
11:38 am
cancer now. >> in fact, he was very, very cand sxud very open in talking about his cancer on david letterman last night. he is promoting the sequel to "wall street." he did say he was at stage 4 cancer and even david letterman said, you know, i just heard a gasp from the audience from someone, is that really bad? michael douglas said, yeah, you would hope it would be stage one but it's stage four. he said they're optimistic and he's putting it at an 80% chance. he does seem very optimistic and even though he was very open and candid he was also making some jokes. look, it's never a good time to get cancer, but, obviously, even worse -- >> we actually have a clip to play. let's play the clip, kim. let's listen. >> it says a great deal to the hopeful outcome of this that you're taking it head on. >> you have to. but this is the first week and the chemo and the radiation, the radiation continues to burn your mouth and becomes more difficult to swallow. >> i feel like i want to do
11:39 am
something for you. can i do something for you? >> give me a hug. >> all right, michael. >> nice moment there. >> also, kim, is there an update on zsa zsa gabor's health? >> she has been dealing with a lot of issues since she broke her hip. she was rushed to the hospital yesterday. there were reports that it was a life-threatening condition. it is not. she was suffering from flu-like conditions. she stabled out. right now it does look like she was stable but there were rumors that she was rushed to the hospital and apparently she was brought in an ambulance, not lights and sirens. not a life-threatening rush to the hospital. >> last thing on the list "jersey housewives." two episode reunion and tureece awe awe's reunion. >> there was a report around yesterday saying that she wanted
11:40 am
jersey shore type of pay and that, in fact, a lot of the women from the cast were saying maybe they weren't going to come back to work because they all wanted their pay. you know, when you hear about the "jersey shore" the kind of money their making pulling in endorsements makes you wonder. >> what are the "jersey shore" -- >> they're making $30,000 an episode, the "jersey shore" cast and "dancing with the stars" and other endorsements and reports that he's making $5 million. look, hey, we're just as entertaining as "jersey shore" cast. thereeresa did speak to "intouc and humiliated by their mistakes and her and her husband are watchi watching their spending. it was not about excessive spending, but business deals. >> kim, thank you very much. for the latest entertainment news logon to
11:41 am there are some things that are considered news in the world, but there a few stories around this time of the morning that make us say -- >> no way! >> a new york man is entrusted with a $1.3 million painting. he loses it. allegedly, yes, what, he loses it allegedly because he was drunk. yeah. according to a lawsuit james carl hagerty left a manhattan hotel in july with a portrait of a girl. well, he had been meeting with a potential buyer, he says. one of the painting's owner is suing him. he couldn't remember what happened to the painting buecaue he was drinkingen. this one is a true party animal. a deer in china is a big fan of beer. a local waitress offered the deer a beer and now he chugs two bottles a day. the deer does also drink wine,
11:42 am
but only if there is no wine. i have to be honest with you, some people don't like this story they said it is animal abuse and they're pretty upset. take it up with the producer that put that story in. an nfl player may need a drink after what happened to him at practice on tuesday. kindle lankford forgot to take his earring off during practice. the earring is a 2.5 carat diamond. several of his teammates crawled around trying to recover the bling. he abandoned the search because he had to go to a team meeting and because the ground's crew was starting to mow the grass. earrings and football just don't miss. two young boys stuck right in the middle of a bitter custody battle. the state department and senator john kerry getting involved in this one. she felt lost...
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path of hurricane earl as the track is getting closer to the east coast. you can call it the calm before the storm. these are new pictures in to us. this is on the left of the screen is righwroithsville beac north carolina. a hurricane watch has been extended to delaware as earl approaches. and in today's true crime, former nfl star plaxico burris has been denied work release. he was sent to jail for illegal handgun possession after he accident ashot himself in a new york night club. the second time he has been denied entry into the program. he is not eligible to apply for work release until june of next year. in washington state, police are searching for a pair of puppy thieves. officials believe the man and woman in the video stuffed the chihuahua in a backpack and then walked right out of the store. police are hoping to find the couple to get back that puppy. massachusetts dad colin
11:47 am
bauer has been to egypt now six times in an effort to get his sons. he says his ex-wife smuggled the two overseas last summer. the couple divorced in 2008. colin won sole custody. it is amazing how many international custody battles are out there. >> the most famous being david goldman. this one getting a lot of attention, as well. who is helping him? >> very few people that moment, but he's trying to get the help of the u.s. government together. senator john kerry is now onboard talking to the state department and the state department is getting onboard now as more attention gets paid to this. here's the basic back story. the man on your screen, that's colin power and his two sons, 7 and 9 years old. he was married to an egyptian national. they were living in massachusetts near boston and then they get divorced in 2008 and colin got sole custody of
11:48 am
the kids but during one of the routine visits he goes to pick up the kids from the visit with the ex-wife and the kids are gone and the wife are gone. he hasn't seen them since. he is now trying to get some help, the problem is, the egyptian government doesn't follow the same rules as the american government. they don't acknowledge his sole custody right. the only way he can see them is where he sends them video messages on facebook. take a listen. >> it's daddy. i am going to leave tonight i'm going to try to come over and see you again on friday. because i have not been able to communicate with you over the last year and i have tried everything, absolutely everything and some day i'll tell you all the stories. >> absolutely heartbreaking. he has been to egypt six times and shows up to see the kids and the ex-wife doesn't show up. a u.s. embassy official did see
11:49 am
the kids yesterday, that is one good piece of news and reported they are in good health. but no one knows exactly. that was a predetermined, undetermined location and no one know wheres she is in egypt. the egyptian government may know but they are not saying. >> it is heartbreaking. thank you, jeff. >> sure. we're just an hour away from apple's latest announcement. what can we expect? some people say it's a new ipod, revamped itunes is another theory being bounced about. we will ask john fort what he's hearing in three minutes. host: could switching to geico really
11:50 am
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out of pakistan. three suicide bombs have exploded during a shi'ite religious procession in the eastern city of lahor. 14 people are dead. more than 80 others injured. after the explosion a police
11:53 am
station was set fire. you can see the video. devastation and chaos that's taking place right now. at least 14 people have been killed. we'll have much more on this breaking news out of pakistan throughout today. we're about an hour away from apple's latest announcement. the company will be stream lining video from its news conference skepd for 1:00 eastern time but you can watch it of course using apple products. john fort joins us live from san francisco. what are you hearing this announcement might be about for apple? >> reporter: well, every year around this time apple updates the ipod line. you come to expect that. we also expect something on itunes. apple is facing a number of challenges these days with google trying to move in, pandora doing a streaming. also another stab at apple tv product. apple is trying to turn that
11:54 am
into the business. if the ipod touch the one that's like an iphone gets video conferencing. that would allow folks who don't want to sign up for at & t to get some of that goodness on a regular old ipod. >> there was a report out just today, i heard people talking about it apple is second to exxon as the successful company. it's these big announcements that help fuel it. >> reporter: that's absolutely true. apple is a master at marketing and being able to gather people together to pay attention to their announcements. part of the reason why they can do that is because they have been pushing the boundaries ever since the ipod. they have been out in front mobile and digital media revolution. all of that started with the ipod. that's what we're expecting to hear in about an hour. >> be interesting to see. thank you very much. that does it for me in this hour. i will see you back here at 2:00
11:55 am
eastern time. we'll have the latest updates four on hurricane earl and at a time when newspapers are going belly up we'll show you bad and busted. it's a newspaper of all mugshots all the time. contessa brewer picks up the coverage. >> we're expecting a statement from president obama looking for that next hour. he's taking on the mother of all foreign policy issue, the middle east. will a marathon sessions of middle eastings move the dig lone on peace talks. hurricane earl a cat 3 storm barreling towards the east coast. thousands now evacuating out of harm's way. we're tracking that storm. and they are all over the news because they are all over people and heenls offices and other public places, we got more here on bedbugs and how you get rid of them. stay with us. we'll be right back. and with lunches starting at just $6.99... it's an hour you wouldn't trade for anything.
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in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. dean will never forget what he went through. don't take your health for granted. [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. and about lipitor. [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? right now on msnbc we're waiting for a statement from president obama. he's take on the granddaddy of
11:59 am
all foreign policy challenges, middle east peace. good wednesday, everyone, i'm contessa brewer, covering the big news coast to coast. one day after president obama gave a prime time address about iraq, he has opened a two day summit in washington aimed at brokering and israeli-palestinian peace deal. net, mahmoud abbas and leadsers of jordan. the backdrop the shooting of four jewish settlers. hamas has claimed responsibility. the president is expected to address the attack in his statement. martin flecher has covered the middle east for years. mike we begin with you. the president are their high expectation at the white house he can push this thing forwar


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